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The Fun Factory


To create a website and branding plan to help promote The Fun Factory.


The Fun Factory is a small business that specializes in party supplies, decorations, and favors. The shop is located in Teddington, Middlesex and is known for its friendly service and quality products. The business has been around for a decades and has a loyal customer base, but the owners want to expand their reach by revamping their website and increasing their branding efforts.


The strategy for website development and branding for The Fun Factory will focus on creating a visually appealing website that will highlight the shop’s products and services. The website will also feature a blog to keep customers updated on new products and special offers. The branding plan will focus on creating a logo and color palette that will be used across all of the shop’s marketing materials.


The website was created using Wordpress and was optimized for search engines. The website features a modern design with bright colors that are consistent with their branding. The blog was also added to the website to provide customers with helpful tips and party inspiration. The logo and color palette were designed to reflect the fun and festive atmosphere of the party shop. The logo was used on all of the shop’s marketing materials, including business cards, postcards, and flyers. The color palette was also used to create a cohesive look throughout the website and other marketing materials.

Final Look:

The website and branding efforts have been successful in helping to build the party shop’s brand. The website has increased the shop’s visibility and is helping to attract new customers. The blog has also been successful in helping to build relationships with existing customers. The logo and color palette have been successful in creating a unified look that is associated with the party shop.

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